Un-paused Naya Safar Review: Nagraj Manjule’s new journey of emotional stories of the second wave got the destination on Vaikunth

Manoj Vashisht, New Delhi. The kind of experiences people have had in the corona virus pandemic, there is a tide of emotions. In the second wave, someone lost his job, someone got away from his loved ones, someone lost his loved ones, someone was suffering to see the last glimpse of himself… social, economic, mental, psychological… what was such a challenge, Who has not faced anyone or the other?

Amazon Prime Video’s first pandemic special anthology series Unpaused, where the economic, social and mental impact of the lockdown during the first wave, was presented. At the same time, this season of the anthology series Unpaused – Naya Safar has shown the emotional aspects of different sections of the society in different situations. The series consists of five stories of about half an hour.

These stories are not new. These are stories emanating from us and you and during the second wave almost everyone has seen or heard such a story and some may have even felt it closely or were the characters of that story themselves. However, there are two stories in which the phone rings inside the Kovid War Room and the visuals of the blazing pyre in the crematorium are disturbed.

The five stories of Unpaused Naya Safar have been scripted to cover every event that took place during the second wave that would have left you stunned too. These stories do not give any judgment, just present the various good and bad experiences during that time through the characters.

the couple

The first story The Couple is about Dippy and Aakriti, a working young couple living in Mumbai. In the lockdown, while working from home, both are hopeful of a comfortable future that one day Aakriti loses her good job. Aakriti, hoping for growth and increment, is shocked by this sudden incident. As the frustration increases, quarrels increase between the husband and wife, but then both become emotional support of each other and take care.


This is a story that many middle-class youth living in the metropolitan cities of the country must have passed. Priyanshu Painyuli and Shreya Dhanwantri play the characters of Dippy and Aakriti. The story also comments on the arbitrariness and opportunism of private companies. The heated argument between Priyanshu and Shreya Dhanwantri is quite effective and relatable. This story is directed by Nupur Asthana.

war Room

The second story War Room gives a glimpse inside the Kovid-19 War Room set up by BMC in Mumbai and the conflict between the Kovid Warriors. In this case the story is a little different. At the center of the story is a school teacher, Sangeeta Waghmare, whose duty war rooms have been set up. Sangeeta is faced with a challenge when a bed is sought for a critical Kovid patient who is responsible for her son’s death. The accused school principal is out on bail.


The feeling of vengeance kicks in and Sangeeta doesn’t give correct information even though beds are available. what happens next? See this for yourself in the series. This story shows the tussle between duty and personal feelings. After seeing the commotion of the Kovid War Room, you will really think, how would the Kovid Warriors have done all this? Geetanjali Kulkarni has done a great job in the role of professional responsibility and an emotional mother Sangeeta Waghmare. Directed by Ayyappa KM.

three triple

There is a saying – three triads, spoiled work. There are three triads here, but the real work is the spoiled lockdown. In the second wave, the victims of unemployment due to the lockdown were not only those who lost their jobs or had to close their shops, but also those who were living through criminal activities. The third story Teen Tigada is based on such a section. Saqib Saleem, Ashish Verma and Sam Mohan play the roles of three thieves Chandan, Dimple and Ajit in this story.


The trio stole a truck full of goods, which is worth sixty lakh rupees. It is the responsibility of Nalliswamy, who is a don, to hide them in the market. All three are stuck waiting for the goods to be sold in a deserted warehouse, because the buyer is not available due to the lockdown. This story is directed by Ruchir Arun. This story is also worth watching at the level of acting and direction.

gum laddus

Fourth Story Gond ke laddus are not that heavy. There is no need for a lockdown or a pandemic backdrop to tell this story. It can be set anytime, anywhere. In this story, Neena Kulkarni plays the character of an elderly mother Sushila Tripathi, who lives alone. Recently, the daughter who became a mother lives in another city. Nani has not seen the face of the child due to the lockdown. For the sake of the daughter’s health, Sushila wants to send gum laddus. The question is how to send?


After a lot of hard work, she books online couriers to send gond ke laddus to her daughter, which is a huge achievement for her. Rohan, the delivery boy of the courier service who sends the laddus, meets with an accident and all the laddus are ruined. Rohan’s supervisor has already warned him for poor performance. Rohan’s wife Geetanjali, who herself works in the call center department of an online food app, decides to make gond ke ladoos so that Rohan can save his job by delivering. Now what will happen next? Will Rohan have to pay for this by giving him a job? Can Geetanjali be able to make gond ladoos? How will Sushila react to this? It gets answers to many questions ahead.

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