The Matrix Resurrections Review: Priyanka Chopra’s Powerful Role in the Battle for Coexistence Between Artificial Intelligence and Humans

Smita Srivastava, Mumbai. The Matrix Resurrections Review: The subject of the science fiction action thriller Hollywood film ‘The Matrix Resurrections’, released in the year 1999, was quite new, interesting and ahead of its time. Lana and her sister, Lily Wachowski, introduce video game designers Thomas Anderson aka Neo (Kiano Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie Ann Moss) to a world where artificial intelligence and humans fight to coexist. The option of choosing one of the blue and red tablets in it is still memorable. This was followed by two films of this franchise in the year 2003, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. After a gap of almost 18 years, the fourth film of the franchise, The Matrix Resurrection, has been released in theatres.

In The Matrix Resurrections directed by Lana Wachowski, Neo appears restless, depressed and middle-aged, working as Thomas Anderson in a company. Inside him there is a dilemma about the real and virtual world. He doesn’t remember his past life at all. He sees Trinity in a coffee shop. Trinity also does not remember her past life. He has his own family. He is fond of riding a bike. Are the two familiar with each other? How will Neo return to his previous life? The story is built around many such incidents, the difficulties he will have to go through in order to meet the Trinity.

‘The Matrix Resurrection’ also includes excerpts from the franchise’s earlier films, attempting to bridge such a long gap. However, this time the focus is not on the battle between machines and humans but on the thrilling love story of Neo and Trinity. This time too the characters are seen in long trench coats, dodging visuals and a world of machines that are reminiscent of the earlier films. This time around, Matrix Resections is directed by Lana Wachowski alone. He is also a co-author. This time too Lana has tried to create a complex world of differences between man and machine, but the characters have not been able to become strong this time. Other than that it is heavily dependent on nostalgia. Especially the early part when Thomas tries to reconcile his complicated life with Neo’s, including several flashback scenes from the previous films. It gives fans footage of their favorite The Matrix stars Marphis (Lawrence Fishburne) and Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving). This time the action has not been as exciting and spectacular as the original. He hasn’t even been given much space, which was the most fascinating and important aspect of the original story. However, even after such a long hiatus, Kianno and Carrie Ann Moss seem completely at ease and absorbed in their characters. Even though the film has some flaws at the writing level, the chemistry of both looks great. This time the plot has more emphasis on Thomas, so the writer-director has waited a long time to see Neo in his metamorphosis. Jessica Henwick impresses as Bugs. Priyanka Chopra has an interesting role in the film. Though her role is limited, she manages to make a strong presence in the crowd of actors.

The biggest strength of The Matrix Resurrection is the cinematography by Daniel Massey and John Toll which makes the film engaging. For this, he has got the full support of production designers Hugh Betup and Peter Walpole.

Movie Review: The Matrix Resurrection

Leading Cast: Keano Reeves, Carrie Ann Moss, Jessica Henwick, Priyanka Chopra

Director: Lana Wachowski

Duration: 148 minutes

Star: Two and a half

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