The Great Indian Murder Review: Stunning performance of the actors in the murder mystery chock-full of political conspiracies and tricks, read the review

Manoj Vashisht, New Delhi. The kind of cinema Tigmanshu Dhulia creates, his stories often go hand in hand with the characters’ undercurrents of commentary on contemporary politics. So, Tigmanshu gets the pitch to play freely when it comes to a story woven around a high-profile murder like Six Suspects, which is chock-full of political conspiracies and gimmicks.

After directing Criminal Justice for Disney Plus Hotstar, Tigmanshu brings to the platform Vikas Swarup’s novel Six Suspectus this time in the form of a 9-episode web series ‘The Great Indian Murder’. Ajay Devgan and Preeti Vinay Sinha are the producers of this series.

The novel ‘Six Suspects’ was published in 2016 and one can feel the presence of many such political incidents, whose noise has often been heard in debates on social media. Espionage of politicians, allegations of misuse of CBI for political gains and losses, devious son of a power-drunk leader, a leader who conspires to any extent to fulfill his political ambition, fake religious leader, Naxalism, etc. … and the CBI investigation into the murder of Vicky Rai culminating all these in one thread. The ‘The Great Indian Murder’ series also offers a tour of India, as the story expands to Delhi, Raipur, Jaisalmer, Chennai, Kolkata and the Andaman Islands.

At the center of the story of ‘The Great Indian Murder’ is the murder of Vicky Rai, son of Jagannath Rai, a strong leader of Chhattisgarh and Home Minister. Vicky is caught in the rape and murder case of two girls. After being convicted by the High Court, Vicky is released on bail from the Supreme Court. With the power and the enjoyment of money. In the joy of being released, Vicky throws a big party at his farm house in Delhi, where he is shot dead in a packed gathering. Now this is the biggest suspense as to who fired the bullet?

In consultation with his political mentor Ambika Prasad sitting in Delhi, Jagannath gets the son’s murder investigation handed over to the CBI using political pressure, for which he has a bigger motive. The case is assigned to CBI officer Suraj Yadav, who gets clear instructions from Ambika Prasad as to which political rival to shoot Vicky Rai. Following this instruction, Suraj Yadav investigates, knowing the facts and prepares a different narration, whose victims are going to be innocent.

Delhi Police officer Sudha Bharadwaj is cooperating with Suraj in the investigation of this case. There are three primary suspects in the murder – Munna, a professional thief living in Delhi’s Garib Basti, a eketi of Andaman’s tribal race and Mohan Kumar, a former diplomat. All three were present in Vicky Rai’s party for different reasons. On a search after the murder, Munna and Eketi find the pistol, while Mohan Kumar’s pistol is later recovered from under a table. Suraj and Sudha interrogate all three. The story and characters expand with the interrogation of Munna and Eketi, and some episodes bear the same name.

Munna is a professional thief but also the lover of Vicky Rai’s half-sister Ritu Rai. State Home Minister’s daughter’s love affair with a petty thief? There is also a story behind this, which is related to Vicky Rai. The Eketi of Andaman, who knows neither Hindi nor English properly, sets out to retrieve the stolen idol of his god Ingetai. The tribal clan is convinced that the cause of the epidemic that has spread in their tribe is because of the disappearance of the idol of Ingetai. Eketi is helped in this quest by Ashok Rajput of Jaisalmair, who is the Social Welfare Officer there. His strings also later connect with the murder of Vicky Rai. Vicky’s enmity with Ashok has a different track. The story of the series actually originates on the tour of India through the statue of Ingetai.

The third suspect is retired diplomat Mohan Kumar, who is a victim of personality disorder. Generally, Mohan Kumar, who is fond of vanity and alcohol, whenever he gets a shock, starts considering himself as Mahatma Gandhi and acts like him. The transformation of Mohan Kumar into these two different personalities is also an important end of Vicky Rai’s murder. Ashok also has a valid reason for Vicky Rai’s murder, but he does not fit into the narration of CBI officer Sooraj, so he is not in his list of suspects.

Ultimately, in order to fulfill the instruction of Ambika Prasad, Sooraj is creating a separate narration of Vicky Rai’s murder, the most easily caught in the Suspect is innocent Eketi. However, Sudha does not agree to this and she gets Ashok Rajput investigated and then Ashok’s story opens. Since there are six suspects in the novel. So the story is expected to move forward in the second season with the remaining suspects.

The way Tigmanshu Dhulia and his writing team have divided the series into episodes on the basis of characters, it is interesting and despite so many characters and sub-plot, it is not difficult to understand the story. The nine episodes are divided according to the main characters and each episode draws a blueprint for that character. Simultaneously, the series progresses by connecting the past of these characters with the happenings in the present.

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