Human Web Series Review: The shocking story of the inhuman business of human testing of drugs, read the full review

Manoj Vashisht, New Delhi. Medicine cures a person’s illness and makes him healthy, but what if the same medicine starts making him sick, that too not knowingly or unknowingly, but under a well-thought-out conspiracy and this business of making people sick to make them sick. Ignore and flourish only because it is associated with the greed and ambitions of the so-called influential and respectable people of the society.

Disney Plus Hotstar’s web series Human is a shocking commentary on the illegal business and inhumane aspect of human drug testing, which has its own flaws and merits. Spanning 10 episodes of 40-50 minutes duration, the series proceeds with a focus on the social and economic aspect of human drug testing and the journey of the characters, with some shocking revelations and layers. Vipul is a human hard hitting thriller series directed by Amrulal Shah and Mojaz Singh, which offers its characters with their flaws without any hesitation.

Bhopal is the historical city of Madhya Pradesh, the story of human. The story mainly revolves around three main characters. Dr. Gauri Nath (Shefali Shah), a well-known neurosurgeon and the author of Manthan, the city’s largest multispecialty hospital. Dr. Saira Sabharwal (Kirti Kulhari), a cardiac surgeon. Gauri Nath has brought him into the churning. Saira is very impressed with Gauri’s personality and sees her as an icon. The third important character of this story is Mangu (Vishal Jethwa). Mangu, from the economically weaker section, is trying to improve the standard of living of his family, but for this he finds short-cuts regardless of right or wrong, so that he can earn money quickly. Due to this he becomes addicted to gambling and entangles the family with human drug testing.

In the city, the pharmaceutical company is illegally conducting human trials of the air-restricted drug S93R. The poor are being used like guinea pigs by luring money without telling the truth. Vayu is owned by Mohan Vaidya (Mohan Agashe) and his son Ashok Vaidya (Aditya Srivastava). Gauri Nath is indirectly associated with this business of illegal drug testing, or to say that she is the mastermind of it.

Very ambitious Gauri Nath is also building a big neuro center in Bhopal with the help of foreign company, for the expansion of which he needs land with money, which is not possible without political support. Gauri is on her way to fulfill her ambitious plans, but problems arise when Mangu’s mother becomes a victim of a human drug trial and dies without proper treatment after being ill for several days. Help of an NGO From there Mangu reaches Dr. Saira Sabharwal and then begins the end of Dr. Gauri Nath, who seems almost undefeated.

The story has been given interesting detail through the screenplay by Ishan Banerjee and Mojaz Singh. The events related to drug testing have been shown excitingly. Scenes from brain surgery and cardiac surgery have also been included to establish the characters of Dr. Gauri Nath and Dr. Sabharwal. However, this view can be distracting. How deadly and dangerous corruption can be in the medical industry, humans show it with success, but do not go into its depth. In the series, drug testing, like any other crime, has been used to establish the foundation of the story. In the series, the Bhopal gas tragedy and the lockdown caused by the corona virus pandemic have been used in various contexts. Both these incidents become a reason to show the economic compulsion in the poor settlements of Bhopal.

No major human character is perfect or ideal. Everyone has some or the other characteristic flaws and the authors have no hesitation in showing these flaws. Also, on the basis of economic, social and thinking of the characters, they have been elaborately expanded. Shefali Shah has performed tremendously in the character of Dr. Gauri Nath. However, over a period of time, his character begins to dominate the narrative of the series and it feels as though episodes have been written to showcase aspects of his acting prowess. His character graph moves from positive to negative and the character of a dignified, ambitious, soft spoken doctor turns into a cynical, selfish and ruthless person by the end of the series.

Gauri Nath also has a past, which has shaped her present personality. One such character is that of Dr. Sabharwal, played by Kirti Kulhari. This character is confused like Gauri Nath. In her personal life, she is far from the morality that Saira shows by becoming a whistleblower against drug testing. It is his nature to manipulate by lying. Her relations with her parents and husband are not good. However, behind such behavior is his past, which does not leave him. Failing to understand Keerti’s sexual attraction, she runs away from her parents. Kirti has successfully portrayed the various layers of the character. Vishal, who became the main villain in Mardaani 2, has really brought life to the character of Mangu. Coming from a weak economic class, the approach to the language, living style and any work of this character has been brought alive by Vishal’s performance. In every good and bad, Seema Biswas as Gauri Nath’s supporter, mentor and the ruthless Surveillance Roma Maa of the drug testing camp is terrifying.

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