Gehraiyaan Review: Deepika Padukone-Siddhant Chaturvedi’s intensity is just a ‘hoax’, the story is something else… Read Full Review

Manoj Vashisht, New Delhi. Shakun Batra’s film ‘Gahreiyaan’ may superficially look like a romantic-drama film entangled in relationships, but when it comes to depth, this film shows that aspect of human nature, where human beings can go to any extent when it comes to survival. is forced to pass. Whether it is the desire to love or the fear of losing life.

The story of an upper middle class family can also be told in the urban backdrop of ‘Geahriyaan’, where the past of two cousins ​​(sisters) is intertwined with some bitter memories and they travel through the present to see the future of this past. Wants to be free from captivity. There is also an incident of the past, which has become the reason for the emotional gap between the father and the daughter, and buried in the depths of this gap is such a secret, on the opening of which the daughter’s attitude towards the mother’s memories about good and bad. may change.

Showing infidelity on screen is not new to Hindi films. Sometimes comedy, sometimes drama, sometimes romance and sometimes in the form of mystery-thriller stories of infidelity have come to the screen, but the maturity with which ‘Depheyaan’ deals with the subject sets it apart from other films. ‘Gahreiyaan’ represents those few romantic drama films, where one feels a sudden thrill while watching romance.

Don’t believe the romantic scenes between Deepika Padukone and Siddhant Chaturvedi in the film’s trailer and songs. All these were meant to mislead you, because as the film progresses scene-by-scene, things turn out differently. The story, immersed in the depths of romance, suddenly starts giving a sense of adventure and then the viewer starts getting immersed in the story. The entire film of about two and a half hours takes us deep into the depths of relationships and entangled emotions, where even the audience gets the full thrill of romance.

The story of ‘Gehraiyaan’ is mainly of four characters Alisha, Tia, Zain and Karan. All the four characters are struggling with themselves in some way or the other. To solve the confusion of your personal life, you want to take refuge in another relationship, but this makes life more complicated. Alisha and Tia are cousins. Jane is Tia’s fiancé. Tia does not have a father, she lives in America with her mother. Jane is an aspiring young businessman and partner in a construction company. Tia’s family has made a strong investment in his company.

Alisha is a yoga instructor and is in a live-in relationship with Karan for six years. Karan is also a childhood friend of Alisha and Tia. Currently a struggling novel writer. Alisha’s father, Tia’s uncle, lives in Nashik. When Alisha was young, her mother committed suicide. Alisha blames her father for this. The film begins with Tia going to Alibaug, Tia’s ancestral home, for a holiday after Tia’s arrival in Mumbai. Huh. Here, Jane gets attracted to Alisha.

Alisha also keeps accepting his attraction and an intense relationship starts between the two. Alisha wants stability in this relationship and talks to Jane. Jane decides to leave Tia and marry Alisha and asks for six months’ time to return the investment to Tia’s family before breaking the engagement.

But, there comes a turning point from where the story leaves the romance angle and goes on the path of a thriller film. Jane’s business partner is arrested by the Directorate of Enforcement on money laundering charges. The threat of investigation is also looming over Jane’s company. Investors are pulling out of Jane’s company as the ED probe begins. In all these troubles, Jane’s condition worsens when Alisha reveals that she is pregnant.

Now Jane has only one option to marry Tia, so that her investment remains in the firm. Also, some money can be raised through the property of Alibaug. Now what will Jane do next, leave the pregnant Alisha or leave Tia? What will happen to Tia when she learns that Alisha is snatching her fiancée? Or will Jane drop everything and adopt Alisha? ‘Depths’ goes on with many such questions and answers. But, it would not be right to tell about it here. It is better that the audience watch it in the film itself, because as I said earlier, you can’t even imagine the twist after watching the trailer of ‘Gahreiyaan’. The scene at which the film ends in the climax is shocking and has been kept open ended.

Ayesha Devitre, Sumit Roy and Yash Sahay’s screenplay with director Shakun Batra gives the feel of an intense romantic novel writing, where the story and the characters are seen supporting each other. The biggest feature of ‘Depheyan’ is its realistic approach. The reactions of the characters in different situations, their dialogues and their gestures look very natural.

Looking at these characters, it seems that this is an upper middle class world, where problems are also different. The way the writers team has carefully covered the emotional graph of all the characters, that is also commendable. Deepika Padukone has once again proved her acting ability. Alisha, who is battling with the memories of her mother’s suicide, does not want to get into that situation under any circumstances, but circumstances are pushing her in the direction where she can take the fatal step. Her character is very emotionally complicated, which Deepika has presented on screen with complete transparency and without any hesitation.

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