Bloody Brothers Review: Satish Kaushik’s different ‘Maya’ adds color to Jaideep-Zeeshan’s story, read full review

Manoj Vashisht, New Delhi. No relationship is considered thicker than blood relation, but when there is a layer of mistrust in this relationship, then ‘blood’ relation does not take long to become ‘blood’ relation. The first season of ZEE5’s latest web series ‘Bloody Brothers’ spread over six episodes is an exciting story of such a relationship between two brothers.

Katha Bhoomi is Ooty and at the center of the plot are two real brothers Jagjit Grover (Jaideep Ahlawat) and Daljit Grover (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub). Totally different from each other, the two brothers were bound by blood relations. Elder brother Jagjit is a lawyer. His lifestyle and elegance show that apart from advocacy, he is also involved in some illegal activities. The younger brother, Daljit, is of a shayana mood and is satisfied with his life by running a book store. This book store has also been bought by his elder brother.

Jagjit is married and lives with wife Priya (Shruti Seth). Jagjit is unable to give time to his wife due to work hesitation, whose sadness is present on Priya’s face all the time. Daljeet has a breakup and the girl he used to love is marrying his cousin.

The story of Bloody Brothers begins with the participation of both the brothers in this marriage. Jagjit has drunk too much at the reception, so while returning, Daljeet drives the car. Daljit’s attention wanders in the dark of night and in the dark of night, an elderly man named Samuel Alvarez (Asrani) is leaving his bungalow and dies after being hit by a car.

Vicious asks Jagjit to run away, but Daljeet does not like it. Both the brothers pick up Samuel and take him to his house and make him sleep on the sofa. Jagjit glances at the prescription lying on the table, according to which Samuel was a cancer patient. Samuel does not see any external injury due to the car collision, so Jagjit is convinced that age and cancer prescriptions will prove to be a natural death. That’s what happens.

After this the story progresses through many twisted situations. New and interesting characters also add to the story, which gradually enlarges its canvas. New mysteries are also uncovered, which develops Bloody Brothers into a thriller. Jagjit’s business and married life complications, Diljit and Samuel’s niece Sophie’s love affair, Samuel’s conspiracies for property‚Ķ are revealed later on.

The titles of all the episodes are dedicated to different characters. Apart from Jagjit and Daljit, these characters are – Samuel’s neighbor Sheela David (Maya Alag), who took care of him till he died. The way this character opens up to the climax of the series is a big source of suspense for the series. Dushyant (Jitendra Joshi), an employee of Jagjit’s office and a round-the-clock drunk.

Handa (Satish Kaushik), a ruthless mafia type but very calm businessman from Ooty, is actually in the business of turning black money into white and runs dozens of fake companies. Handa is the real reason behind all the exciting twists in this story. However, the entry of this character happens in the last episodes. Shekhar (Indranil Sengupta), who is Handa’s business associate and intermediary. Shekhar is the key link between Handa and Jagjit. Tanya (Mugdha Godse) is also a member of Handa’s gang, which Handa uses to break weak links. There are a few more important characters, who fill in the sub-plots of the main plot and keep the thrill going.

Produced by Applause Entertainment and BCB India, Bloody Brothers is the Indian adaptation of the British series Gilt. The screenplay and dialogues with this adaptation are written by Siddharth Hirve, Anuj Rajoria, Riya Pujari and Navneet Singh Raju. The night of Samuel’s murder is central to the events shown in the screenplay, and six episodes cover the story 17 days after the murder. The events of each episode run on two tracks – one track covers the events leading up to the night of the murder, while the other track shows the events of a few hours or days before, tracing the past and character graphs of the important characters of the series. runs.

The last three episodes of the series are its life and the thrill of the series picks up pace. The trouble with Bloody Brothers is that when the thrill of the story is at its peak and the audience stares at the screen for a big twist, it turns out that the sixth and final episode is over. That is, to know this secret, now one will have to wait eagerly for the second season.

The writing team has been successful in maintaining the thrill and suspense of the story through the screenplay. Some of the scenes are really unpredictable and shocking. The dialogues in the series are practical and have humour, but there is seriousness at times. Especially, the philosophy of life has also been talked about through poetry through the character of Daljit.

One of the issues with adapted stories is that the society and environment in which the story and characters are made, it is a bit difficult to adapt them to the Indian psyche. Such discrepancies are also visible in the characters of Jagjit and Daljeet, but both the actors Jaideep Ahlawat and Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub who play these characters have not only covered these discrepancies with their performances, but also brought them closer to the real.

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