Aarya Season 2 Review: ‘Arya’ is more powerful than before, Sushmita Sen returns with a bang in the second season

Manoj Vashisht, New Delhi. If the first season of a web series is successful, the second season often brings with it an extra burden of expectations… and then Arya is the series nominated for the International Emmy Awards. In such a situation, the wait and expectations of Arya 2 were bound to increase. This wait is over today on 10th December. All eight episodes of Arya’s second season have been streamed on Disney Plus Hotstar. As for the expectations, Arya 2 has joined the few series whose other seasons did not disappoint. Although the scale that was expected for Arya 2 is not visible, but in terms of entertainment, Arya 2 seems to be successful. Holds the series and once you sit to watch, then you will get up only after finishing it.

The story of Arya 2 proceeds from there, at which point the first season ended. In the climax of last season, it was shown that Arya is leaving the country with her three children and going to New Zealand. From this climax, it was thought that the story of the second season would show Arya’s confrontation with the enemies on a foreign land, but here the writers showed their skills and gave such a twist to the story that she returns to the same city of Rajasthan, where the first season The incidents had happened and the same old enemies and conspiracies once again stand in front of Arya.

Her father Zorabar and brother Sangram are facing trial for the murder of Arya’s husband Tej Sareen and drug dealing. But Arya’s testimony is necessary to corroborate the pen drive that the police have as evidence to get them punished. The lives of Arya and her children were in danger in New Zealand. Therefore, ACP Yunus Khan had Arya shifted to Australia under the Witness Protection Program.

In return for Arya’s help, the public prosecutor and the ACP pressure her to verify the evidence against the father and brother in court. Arya reaches the court to testify, but when Sangram’s girlfriend Hina is revealed to be pregnant, she refutes the veracity of the documents in the pendrive, leaving Jorabar and Sangram free. ACP Khan is enraged by Arya’s retraction and withdraws the Witness Protection Program.

Now Arya is alone among her enemies. On one hand there is danger from his family and on the other hand Shekhawat’s family is looking for an opportunity to take revenge from him. At the same time, the Russian mafia is also behind Arya due to the disappearance of drugs worth 300 crores stolen from Shekhawat. However, Arya does not have a direct hand in this. Now how does Arya survive all this? How does she protect her children? The story of how she saves herself from the intrigues of her father and the attacks of the Shekhawat family is spread across eight episodes.

The biggest strength of Arya web series is its writing, which has a simplicity and departure. The dialogues of the characters and their delivery by the actors are flowing and so smooth that the viewer seems to be sitting somewhere in the middle of that conversation and that is what connects the series. There are some such twists in the series from time to time, which keep the interest. Especially, the twist of the climax will surprise the audience. In the first season, Arya’s character was revealed as a victim, who is ready to go to any extent to save her children from crime and criminals.

Arya remains in this form for most of the second season, but as the story progresses towards the climax, Arya’s determination and attitude change. Now instead of running away, she takes the situation into her own hands and thus turns into a powerful character (Don). The turn at which this season has ended, the knock of the third season is also felt.

Sushmita Sen has done wonders in the character of Arya this time too. Doing this series can be called one of the best decisions of his career. Surrounded by enemies from all sides, Arya, who has her own ambushes, a mother facing the emotional ups and downs of children… Sushmita has successfully carved out the various layers of this character. In some scenes, Sushmita has presented Arya’s cruelty to the victim of the situation with great ease.

Jayant Kriplani as Zorabar, who is battling cancer’s father and daughter Arya, tries to save her from her own brother, despite the hatred of her father and daughter Arya, this time the anger is less pity. Ankur Bhatia as younger brother Sangram Singh making plans to kill his real sister for survival has to be praised. He didn’t let his character derail even for a moment and the hatred he gets for this character is his reward.

Vikas Kumar has done well in the role of ACP Khan surrounded by his personal life and professional complications. However, the track of this character’s gay relationship does not fit in and support the main plot. Even if it is removed, Arya’s structure will not deteriorate. The audience, lost in the thrill of Arya’s life, keeps hoping that this track will have a connection with the main track, but it does not happen. It seems, the authors just added it for ideological support.

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